Unusual reasons for celebration


As they say, when the soul wants a holiday, there is always a reason! If it becomes more and more difficult to think about the good, and the usual reasons for smiling are no longer enough, then here are some unusual ones for you.

January 17 is the Day of self-forgiveness for not fulfilling New Year's promises (But you should not give up on them: we will still have time to do everything before the next New Year!);

January 21 is the Day of sweatpants and the International Day of Hugs (Let's put on our best sweatpants and go hug!);

January 26 is the Day WITHOUT Internet (A great day to spend it offline);

February 1 is the Day "naked at work" (A fun idea for remote workers, we still advise you to refrain from going to the office in this way. And by the way, this holiday is a great occasion to please your colleagues with cool corporate clothes: after all, we all have nothing to wear from time to time!);

February 13 is the Day of mad self-love (St. Valentine can go to hell);

February 26 is the World Day of slowness (After all, every office has the same Flash - hundred yard dash);

March 13 is the Day of sleep (The idea of the party literally lies on the surface, it remains only to buy a cool sleep mask with a logo of your company);

March 14 is the Day of "Pi" (A great number, and a fun holiday);
April 16 is the Pajama Day at work (Do your colleagues already have stylish branded pajamas? Or they can remember about February 1 and will come to work au naturel!);

April 23 is the Day of changes or the Day of chance (We open up to new opportunities and let in a fresh stream!);


May 6 is the International Day of giving up diets (Who needs them, these diets?! Order pizza!);

May 14 is the Day of a chicken dance (Well, who is the most flexible chicken in the office?);

May 25 is the Towel Day. A holiday celebrated by fans of Douglas Adams. They carry a towel with them all day – an indispensable thing according to one of the heroes of the science fiction novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". (Isn't it a good reason to please colleagues with a new towel? By the way, we have such towels in SWAG42, as part of a relocate box [here you can make a link to our relocate boxes]);

June 3 is the Day "to leave work early" (Who would refuse such a thing?);

June 21 is the Day of selfies (Let's gather all the colleagues, put on cool hoodies with the company logo, and take selfies in full!);

June 21 is also the Day of parties for dogs (A party for a dog is also a good reason to leave work early! Well, or you can arrange it right in the office);

July 6 is the World Kiss Day (The main thing here is not to overdo it, remember - there're soulmates, waiting for the most colleagues at home);

July 11 is the Chocolate Day;
July 22 is the Brain Day (And the brain just needs chocolate);

July 30 is the International Friendship Day (Isn't it a good reason to give gifts to your favorite employees and arrange team building in nature? Summer, sun, heat – fun!);

August 1 is the International Beer Day (What could be better than a mug of beer on a hot August day? And a branded thermocup will help keep the drink cold for as long as possible and remind you of the sense of proportion – you're going to work tomorrow!);

September 5 is the World Beard Day (Congratulations to its owners and we weave ribbons into their luxurious beards);

September 10 is the Day of the exchange of ideas (Don't be greedy! We are always ready to share ideas of stylish corporate merch);

September 19 is the Birthday of the smiley face (congratulations to the grandfather of all modern emojis);

October 1 is the Vegetarianism Day (Feast today without meat);

October 2 is the Day of a smile (A smile will make everyone brighter – so smile and wave, guys);

November 13 is the Day of kindness (We add a pinch of kindness to any business, so the November day has become brighter and warmer);

November 26 is the Information Day (Whoever owns information, owns the world – so we are actively studying new things);

December 15 is the Tea Day (Let's drink a cup of tea and dispel the longing. Incredibly, but the fact is that you get the most delicious tea if you brew it in a cup with the logo of your favorite company).

Take up arms and add colors to your working days and "unemployed" weekends! Have fun with colleagues at cool themed parties and please each other with pleasant surprises and branded gifts.
There is a reason!

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