Please answer a few questions to help us better understand the corporate merch industry
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Select your role (field of activity) in the company
Select the field of activity of the company
Select what types of branded corporate products youve ordered/order
Do you give presents to your partners (clients) in the form of corporate branded products?
On a scale of 1 to 5, how easy is it for you to come up with an idea for a merch (1 - very difficult, 5 - very easy)
How are you satisfied with the range of merch offered by contractors (1 - completely dissatisfied, 5 - completely satisfied)
How do you design merch?
How important is it for you to receive the entire range of services from one contractor (from idea to delivery to the end user)?
Select the most significant factors for you when receiving merch (no more than 3 points)
How satisfied are you with the process of working with merch in your company? (1 - terrible, 5 - excellent)
How do you issue (deliver) merch to the employees?
How do you collect data about employees (clothes sizes, delivery address, etc.)?
Do you agree with the statement: working with merch ordering and related processes takes me too much time (1 - completely disagree, 5 - completely agree)
Select which processes of working with merch you dislike the most or are the most problematic (no more than 3 points)
Select which processes of working with merch you like the most or bring you the most pleasure (no more than 3 points)
Are you satiffied with the current level of automation of merch processes?
Does your company have any program where you can get merch for accumulated points for personal achievements in work?
How do you feel, is it important for your employees to receive branded products?
How important is it for you to receive feedback from employees about merch, both positive and negative (1 - not important at all, 5 - very important)
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